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Metal Finishing Consultants can assist your company with recruiting and properly training your future associates minimizing employee turn-over rates – minimizing work related injuries – minimizing low production rates – minimizing rework and quality issues. Call us today to discuss how we may assist your companies needs. We taylor our training venues time and cost toy your specific needs. 

We offer our training instructions in English and Spanish. 

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Experienced and Reliable


With combined decades of experience, our team is here to help you find the tools you need to get your team members recruited, professionally trained to ensure your production line runs effectively , efficiently with minimal rework at the time lines your company requires. 


Our Recruitment Assistance


Metal Finishing Consultants assist companies in locating and recruiting reliable, honest and motivated future associates to join their metal finishing & protective coating teams. We think out-side the box! Evaluating future associates that will make a positive impact in the production, quality and financial processes for their companies. 

We help companies apply and qualify for local and state grants and tax credits where the are available. 


On-site Training & Internships


Preforming on-site & hands-on instructions and training of future associates in the following categories.

Or hands-on – On-site training venues very from 3-day courses to 6-month courses. We realize that all companies do not need all the following training classes it is best to speak with our CEO / Lead Technical Adviser to evaluate your companies needs. 


*Company history

*Safety – OSHA and Companies Safety Regulations and Requirements. 

*First Aid Taring

* CPR Training and certification.

*Personal health (Healthy team members = less time off)

* Proper PPE Knowledge and Usage.

*Forklift operation training and certification.

*Training education and knowledge of the chemicals and coatings used at the company’s facilities. 

*Proper methods and techniques of metal and aluminum parts preparation. 

*Set up – Racking – Hanging of products to ensure maximum efficiency. 

*Proper methods of protective coating equipment set-up – Cleaning – Maintenance. 

* Proper usage of protective coatings equipment IE. Grounding, Settings, Application techniques, Resolving coating Issues. 

*Proper production methods.

* Working with WIP – Work in Process.

*Work Order organization and flow.

*Proper housekeeping. 

*Lean Sigma 6s training.

*Proper quality assurance and control methods. 

*Proper usage of quality assurance and control tools and equipment. 

*Proper methods of packaging of products.

We are also certified Lean Sigma 6 Black belts that offer training in the Lean Sigma 6 system.

ERP Training and Implementation available. A few of the ERP programs that we train in are JobBoss, Global Shop Solutions and Bluestreak. 

Also offering the following services to companies. English as a second language, Entry level work environment Spanish. Personal health, diet and nutrition education.

About our CEO and Lead Technical Instructor

Our CEO and Lead Technical Instructor Norman Kloszewski Has been in the Metal Finishing and Protective Coatings industry for 30 plus years he was educated by some of the leading and most experienced coating experts and obtained degrees from Pennsylvania University, Edinboro university, Brooks College, Brooks College as well as many certificates. 

Mr. Kloszewski believes that education and knowledge are tools that individuals should always strive for. Education and Knowledge can not be taken form individuals.

Mr. Kloszewski is a veteran of the United States Army served as an Infantry man on the 82nd Airborne division. 

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Westcoast Powder Coating



Very knowledgeable instructors they helped our company get organized. 

Luis R



This company is amazing they trained me in a new field and helped me get a better job that pays good. 

Precision Finishing Services


"Thanks to this company our production & quality improved 80% and we no longer have the employee turn over rate we use to. 

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